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Things I’m Loving Right Now: Argon Oil

Hey everyone!

One thing that I am absolutely loving right now is Argon oil. As the weather is getting warmer and there is a big difference each day in the temperature, both my skin and hair are drying out. For reference my skin is combination skin with really dry skin on my forehead and cheeks and oily skin on my nose, eyelids, and between my brows.

argon oil <3

Lately I have been absolutely loving using it for my hair as well. I find it to tame my frizz and smooth out my hair. For my hair I have been using 2 argon oil products. One is the Marc Anthony nourishing argon oil perfect blow dry smoothing cream (Whoa! What a name). This is a cream product that smells really nice and seems to help tame some of my frizz. The second product is pretty new to me and it is the HASK Argon oil from Morocco. They both make my hair really soft and shiny, but not greasy shiny. All I do it apply them right to the ends of my hair, comb through my hair, and then blow dry my hair.

For my face I’ve just been using plain Argon oil. I have loved Josie Maran Argon oil for a long time but I ran out and I don’t have a Sephora close (and its pretty expensive). So what I ended up finding is Argon oil at TJ Maxx called Argon+ precious oil Elixir. I was hoping that it would be at least close to as good as the Josie Maran and so far I haven’t found a difference. I apply the Argon oil all over my face at night after I wash my face at night.


Basically, I just really love Argon Oil!



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