15 Fashion Must Haves

Today I sharing with you the 15 things in my wardrobe that I considers my “must-haves.” These are staples in my closet that I love and will be wearing a majority of the time! I included clothes, shoes, and some accessories! Enjoy!

1. Dark wash skinny jeans: In my opinion these should be in every girls closet. A good dark wash skinny jean is able to be worn casually everyday or dressed up. My favorite jeans are J brand.

2. Cardigans: I absolutely love wearing cardigans! I have so many colors and styles and I just think that wearing a cardigan makes your look a little more dressed up and polished. I have some simple button up ones and many open-front ones. These are my fall and winter staple.

3. Rain jacket: For us pacific-northwesterners this is a definite must have. Having a waterproof jacket with a hood is essential. My favorites are from Helly Hansen or The North Face.

4. Black Vest: This is a must have for me because it can be paired with so many things. Again here in the pacific northwest we need vests with hoods.

5. Tall brown leather boots: For me these are a fall/winter must have. I love my brown leather boots ( I have 2 pairs a lighter brown and a little darker one)

6. Lace detail shirts or sweaters: I LOVE lace! I think it dresses up an otherwise simple shirt or sweater and looks so pretty.

7. Crossbody purse: These kinds of purses are my favorite because they are super easy to throw on and keep your hands free. I love Target for purses and my crossbody purse right now is from Target.

8. Tank tops: I have so many simple layering tank tops in a multitude of colors. I wear a tank top under almost all of my shirts. White and black colored tank tops are utalized a lot in my wardrobe. Whether you wear them everyday like me, or you hardly ever wear them, owning a few basic colors is a really good idea for those shirts that require a tank underneath.

9. Black jeans: I love me some black jeans to make my look a little more polished. They are generally flattering and go with so many things.

10. Simple ballet flats: I love my flats from Payless by the brand Dexflex comfort. These are sooo comfortable and really cheap. I have multiple colors (that’s how you know they are good). You can wear them in a professional setting or with your favorite pair of skinnies cuffed up.

11. Rain boots: Along with the rain jacket, if you live in the pacific northwest you need rain boots. I love my Hunter short rain boots in black because they go with everything and keep my feet dry.

12. Black dress: This is such a cliche but I think that having a black dress that you are able to dress up or down is really great. Mine has long sleeves and is clinched at the waist. I am able to wear it for teaching with a cardigan or for going out with my friends.

13. T-shirts: Again another cliche. I think that having simple t-shirts in a variety of colors is key in any wardrobe. You can pair your t-shirt with a statement necklace, with a sweater to add interest, or you can wear just the t-shirt for a simple, casual look.

14. A good pair of denim shorts: For the summer, a good pair of denim shorts is perfect! I like mine a little longer (so they don’t ride up) but not Bermuda length. These are perfect everyday staples for a summer wardrobe! I usually get my shorts from Target

15. Embellished sandals: In the spring and summer I love wearing cute embellished sandals. They are super cute and tend to be pretty inexpensive. I look for mine at DSW, Target, or even Amazon!


I hope you enjoyed hearing more about my wardrobe must-haves. Let me know what your must-haves are!



15 fashion must haves


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