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Essence Gel Nailpolish Review

So as I mentioned in my other Gel polish post, I love shellac nail polish and I am always on the hunt for a do-it-yourself option–mostly because it is cheaper. My friend told me about the Essence gel nail polish, and I knew that I needed to try it! I went to the Essence website to find the store closest to me that carried the brand. If you have an ULTA near you, they carry the brand there (I think on the drugstore products side).


The Product:

I bought the base coat, the top coat, and one color polish. I did not (AT ALL) feel bad about buying all 3 because they were so cheap. The top coat and base coat were each $4 and the polish was only $2!! Bargain!! The color I tried was this gorgeous deep red color called #14 ” do you speak love?” That means I got all three of these for a little more than the average nail polish price (Essie, OPI, etc). And you may find a coupon like I did (HINT: ULTA always has coupons)!!

First Impression:

I just applied the nail polish and I LOVE IT!!! It went on really nicely and dried pretty quickly!! I am notorious for smudging or denting my polish as soon as I paint them and I really thought I did it again with the polish. But I didn’t!! The polish was completely dry and when I whacked my nail against the faucet in the bathroom it didn’t even chip! I really like the color and it applied nicely in 2 coats. So far I am loving this polish!!IMG_1538 (1)


4 days later: I’m sad to say that the polish has chipped more than I would of wanted it to. The chipping is only at the tip of 2 nails. Every other nail is holding up really well! Overall, the polish is makes my nails feel like they really have shellac on them. They feel really strong so that is great. Still sad that it has chipped.


1 week later: About half of my nails had some little chips in it. Exactly a week after applying the polish I picked it all off (it peels off nicely in case you are wondering). I usually have to pick off my polish when it starts chipping, which is what I ended up doing. So the polish lasted exactly 1 week.

Overall: Basically, I really like the polish. It looks and feels like shellac, it dries nicely, and it lasted a good amount of time. Would I of wanted the polish to last longer? ABSOLUTELY! Am I upset about the purchase? Not at all. I definitely think that I will be buying more of the polish colors (I mean they are only $2!!).


Let me know if there are any other drugstore gel polishes I should try!

Have a great day!!



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