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Tips for Surviving Dead and Finals Weeks

how to survive finals

Right now is my finals week (Quarter System)! That means I am completely exhausted and distracting myself in every way possible (including by writing this post). In my procrastination I came up with a few tips for surviving dead week and finals week.

#1 Pre plan or Pre cook meals

You know what is worse than studying during dead and finals weeks? MAKING FOOD! This finals week I am SOO glad that I made some meals that I could eat this week. You can make a few frozen meals for yourself, cook up a big batch of something the week before, or just make sure that you have an easy meal planned. Last week I made chicken taco meat in my crockpot and made a BIG batch of soup! Boy, am I glad that I did that! Here is my crockpot Pinterest board!

#2 Have healthy snacks around

I snack A LOT as the quarter is ending. The best thing that I can do is make sure that I have healthy snacks around my apartment so that I don’t resort to eating junk. I particularly love having little cutie or halo oranges and bananas to snack on.

#3 Start studying early 

This is way easier said than done. Believe me, I know! I make sure that I am starting to study at least a week or two in advance, especially for my harder finals. I make sure that I am memorizing vocabulary early so that I don’t have to cram at the last minute. Prioritize your time and make sure you don’t leave studying for one of your finals until it’s too late. Another thing I have learned is to get papers or projects out of the way early so that you don’t have to worry about those on top of studying.

#4 Make sure you are getting out of your room or apartment

If its just walking around the corner to take out your trash or taking a walk to your favorite coffee shop, getting out and getting fresh air is really important! Going to the gym is also a great idea (if you’re into that 😛 ). Even just going to walk around the grocery store, Target, or the mall for a little bit, is good to get some exercise in.

#5 Breathe and know that it is almost over:

When I am getting overly stressed, I make sure that I give myself a break to breathe, do something that I enjoy, and then I get back to studying!


Good luck to YOU if you are in the middle of dead or finals week right now!! Now…GET BACK TO STUDYING!!



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