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DIY Ombre Glitter Ceramic Flowerpot

I recently received a pack of flower seeds as a gift and wanted to put them in a pot. I decided to DIY a cute flowerpot instead of using plain, boring ceramic one.

DIY flower pot

What you need:

  • ceramic flowerpot
  • spray adhesive or Mod Podge
  • glitter
  • clear spray paint (at least if you used spray adhesive)


I decided to do an ombre glitter flower pot using 3 different colored glitter. I first applied spray adhesive just to the top rim of the flower pot(*spray adhesive can be messy and very sticky if you get it on your fingers). IMG_1529I had the lightest glitter on a piece of paper and rolled the part of the flower pot with the spray adhesive on it.

IMG_1530Then I let it dry for a few minutes. When it was drying I poured out the second color of glitter I was using onto the same piece of paper as before (it’s okay if some of the lighter glitter mixes with the second shade). Then I sprayed the adhesive to the next section of the flower pot, leaving a smaller section at the bottom.IMG_1531

I applied the glitter to this section by dumping the glitter on the flower pot. The I did the same steps to the last, darker glitter section. I let all of the spray adhesive and glitter dry on the flower pot overnight.


The next day I sprayed the whole thing with clear spray paint to lock all of the glitter in (and hopefully prevent any glitter fallout).

Now the flower pot is ready for dirt and flower seeds!


Overall this was a fun, easy project! If you try this at home let me know!!


*I’ll update this post once I plant the seeds!


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