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DIY Kate Spade inspired Frame

This is another super easy photo frame DIY featured in my DIY table project. This frame is a Kate Spade inspired look.




What you need:

  • frame
  • painters tape ( I like frog tape)
  • spray paint- I chose gold because it seemed very “Kate Spade”
  • a quote, pretty design, or picture for the frame


I started with a simple black frame from Dollar Tree. Then I taped it off at an angle and spray painted one side. Inside the frame I put an actual Kate Spade quote paper that came with a purse. If you don’t have this you could always make something similar or print a quote off the internet. You could use an actual picture, a pretty fabric swatch, a paper with a design on it, or a quote like I did.

IMG_1486 (1).jpg


This is really simple and something you can totally make your own!



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