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Here is a really simple DIY project! All you need is a mug (mine is from the dollar store) , spray paint, and a creative design!




  • simple mug
  • painters tape
  • spray paint (any color will work)
  • clear spray paint for a top coat (I used Krylon Color Master in clear)


How I did it:

I started with my dollar store mug and I taped off the design I wanted. For this mug I decided that I wanted to go simple and do a triangle of color at the bottom and the handle. You could do anything! Be as creative as you want! After I taped it off, I carefully sprayed my gold spray paint on the parts I wanted the color on. I let it dry a little and then removed the painters tape. I then sprayed it with clear spray paint to lock the design in place.


I use my mug to hold pencil makeup products and mascara. It works perfectly! This could also be used to hold pens, pencils, fake flowers, makeup brushes, etc.

Let your creativity flow!!


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