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Wet n Wild 1 step wonder gel nail polish review

Hey Everyone! I wanted to share with you a little review for a new product I picked up the other day. I love shellac/gel nail polish but it gets expensive at the salon. I always love to find a good cheaper option at the drugstore! And this one is so cheap. I saw this nail polish at rite aid and knew I needed to give it a try especially since it’s only one step. That’s got to be easy right?

What I got:

  • Wet n wild 1 step wonder gel in the color Lavender out Loud.
  • Price $4.99 ( I had a $1 off coupon so I got mine for $3.99)


Initial reaction: I loved how it went on. At first it seemed a little sheer but after a few coats it was a gorgeous color. I wasn’t sure if I was suppose to put a top coat on it so I decided to go without a top coat.

After 2 days: Usually regular nail polish barely lasts this long on my nails, even with a top coat. The only nail that it a little messed up is one of my thumbs I dented right after I applied the polish. It seems to be going good so far and I still like it. Also I’ve gotten compliments on the color!!

After 5 days: My nails are chipped a bit, especially at the tips of my nails. This polish definitely will not last as long as shellac, but I knew it wouldn’t (it was $3.99 for goodness sakes!!). At this point this would just be a better lasting nail polish.

After 1 week: So after repainting some of the chipped nails, this nail polish lasted a week. After about a week and some more chips, I picked off the polish.

Overall I really was impressed with this polish. The quality for the price was better than expected.

Maybe I should use a really good top coat next time? Let me know what you think and if you have a go-to at home gel polish!

  • XOXO J




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