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Ikea table DIY

I’m super excited about this DIY!

I bought a LINDVED table from Ikea for $20

lindved table

I saw a few posts on Pinterest (my favorite site) that were similar to this and I decided to make this table my own. Here is the link to my Pinterest in case you are interested.


-Lindved table from Ikea

-Frog tape/ painters tape

-straight edge, ruler, 90 degree ruler

-pencil & eraser



-gold spray paint (I used rust-oleum metallic finish gold spray paint)

-clear protectant spray paint

I started by taking the top of the table out of its original box. I then started taping off my table in the pattern that I wanted


Honestly this was harder than I thought it would be. It was really hard to get straight lines and 90 degree angles. My strategy started with drawing a line across the table which wasn’t in the middle. Then using my 90 degree angle ruler, I made the angles with the tape. The key to this design is to have straight cuts off the end of the tape.

Then comes the fun part! Painting.

I went outside and started spray painting the top of my table. Make sure you do even coats.


I think I ended up doing 2-3 coats of the gold paint, letting it dry in between. Then I let the whole thing dry about 24 hours. I took the tape off and assembled the whole table, using the Ikea directions.


In the end I ended up loving the table. It adds some fun to an otherwise boring table.


Let me know if you end up doing a DIY similar to mine!!

  • XOXO J

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