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Goals For 2016


If I am being honest, I don’t like making new years resolutions. I just don’t. Usually because a week or so into the year, I’m not following my resolution any more. This year I decided to do a word of the year and also make a list of things I want to accomplish. I have heard of others picking a word for the year and I wanted to try it. This year my word is….



I had a rough 2015, especially towards the end, so I felt it was fitting to choose the word fun. For me, fun is going on adventures, being spontaneous, doing something crazy, being genuinely happy.

I also made a list of some bucket-list items (if you will) that I want to do this year. (Confession:  I love making lists) My plan is to come back to this at the end of 2016 and reflect on this list. Here is my list of things I want to do in 2016:


  1. go on vacation
  2. go somewhere spontaneous for the day (think: staycation/ adventure day)
  3. do an act of kindness for a stranger (think: paying for the person behind you at Starbucks)
  4. show a friend I care/I am thinking of them
  5. go skydiving (I’ve been indoor skydiving now I want to go real skydiving)
  6. have a girls day with mom
  7. read at least 15 book (goodreads)
  8. be bold…do something scary (not sure what this looks like yet)
  9. serve GOD (I am doing this already in some capacity but I want to do more)
  10. volunteer my time


Let me know if you do anything for the new year like make a resolution, list, word of the year, etc.

Happy 2016! (<- isn’t that crazy)

  • XOXO J

Update: I am crossing through them when they are completed!


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