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DIY- beauty cart

Today I want to share with you my beauty cart.

Beauty cart (excuse the laundry)

My cart is from Ikea. It is the RÅSKOG utility cart in the color turquoise. I got it for my apartment for extra storage and I am loving it. Here’s how I organize it.

So for the first 6 month of having this cart, I didn’t have much of an organizational system. Stuff on my cart was everywhere and I decided I needed something to make my cart more organized. Since I use my cart for hair stuff, extra items I buy in bulk, and some office/printer supplies, I needed a way to keep them all separated. What I decided to do was to go out to the dollar store and buy some cheap organizational bins and storage boxes. Here’s what I ended up with…

They are both from Dollar Tree and both are pretty good quality considering. I used 2 of the bin on the left and 3 of the storage containers on the right (without the lids).

Another thing on my cart is a hanging heat tools storage caddy. Mine is a few years old from Target. Similar (Target)  similar (organization-store) Similar (amazon). I absolutely love this product. The hook on the back of it works perfectly to hook on to the edge of my cart. It’s a way for me to organize my heat tools and the tools can go in it when they are still hot. These are also great to put on your vanity or bathroom counter.

IMG_1458 (1)

The top shelf of my cart has all of my hair stuff and beauty things I use the most.

IMG_1459In the back I have the blue bin filled with my hair products and body lotion. I also have my hair brush and comb sticking out of that bin. The storage container in the front (without the lid) has all of my hair ties, bobby pins, and headbands for easy access. And then I have body sprays and small perfumes- so I can spray them right before I head out the door.

The next shelf of the cart has all of my extra beauty products and things I don’t reach for as often.

IMG_1460Here I have extra vitamins, face wash, an extra toothbrush, and Biore pore remover strips. In the back container without the lid I have extra Neutrogena Makeup removing wipes. And the front smaller container I have Dawn dish soap (that probably seems weird but I use it to wash my makeup brushes and beauty blender). And on the far left of the picture you may see a makeup bag. In there I have roller ball perfumes.

Then finally on the bottom shelf I have printer supplies, including paper and ink cartridges. IMG_1461

I am loving my cart storage. Let me know how you store your beauty products in a small space!

  • XOXO J

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